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Become a certified and accredited Shamanic Practitioner

Shamanic Practices and Healing
The Shamanic Practitioner “Immersion” certified course is an intensive training for people seeking a deep dive into the ancient wisdom and transformative practices of shamanism. This is an In-Person course, that will take place during two consecutive weekends: Friday-Sunday, in Gold Coast/Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Dates TBC. All sessions will be in person, in a group setting in sacred and safe space, where you will participate in experiential learning, guided Shamanic journeys, ceremonial al ritual work, and theory presented in a simple way, as Andean shamans deliver their teachings! Come and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth as well as connection with Pachamama, Great Spirit, and Spirit Allies, along with the spirit of the Elements. This immersive experience will help you tap and empower participants to awaken their inner Shamanic wisdom, to Re-member who they are, and cultivate a strong foundation for Shamanic practice to help yourself, others, and the Earth.

In this Shamanic Immersion course you will...

  • Understand the core principles and beliefs of shamanism

  • Cultivate a respectful and ethical approach to shamanic practice

  • Learn techniques for entering altered states of consciousness

  • Create your own Medicine Drum, Healing Rattle, Florida Water and other tools to use in your daily life and in your sessions!

  • Practice journeying to connect with spirit guides, power animals, and ancestral wisdom for guidance and to bring healing

  • Explore the symbolism and messages encountered in shamanic journeys

  • Honour and cultivating reciprocity with the spirit world

  • Deepen intuition and communication with spiritual guides

  • Explore shamanic healing modalities, including soul retrieval, hucha cleansing, and energy clearing on people and land

  • Understand the role of the shaman as a conduit and bridge for healing energy

  • Practicing hands-on healing techniques and energetic balancing

  • Create sacred space and setting intentions for ceremony

  • Exploring the role of ritual in shamanic practice for healing, transformation, and celebration

  • Connect with the healing power of plant allies and earth elements

  • Learn about sacred plant medicines and their traditional uses

  • Discuss ethical considerations and responsibilities in shamanic practice

  • Set healthy boundaries with clients, spirits, and the community

  • Develop self-care practices to maintain balance and prevent burnout

  • Integrate shamanic practices into daily life and spiritual path

  • Receive recorded guided journeys and meditations for personal practice and integration

  • Soulful integration activities and reflection exercises to deepen understanding and engagement

  • Optional one-on-one mentorship sessions for personalized guidance and support



This Immersion Course includes:

Six sessions lectures


In-person workshops, with all materials included


Sacred Shamanic Circles


Extensive class manuals


3 audio meditations


Completion certificate


Amazing BONUSES!


Morning / afternoon tea & refreshments every day


Plus Amazing Bonuses included in your course fee:


Spiritual Spray

An especially created spray mist for you to use before your Shamanic healing, work and meditations.

Exclusive one-on-one support

Count on Claudia for support and guidance during the course and until the end of this year

Caduceus Pendant with Crystals

A beautiful Caduceus pendant with crystals .

Essential Oil Blend

A personalised essential oil blend bottle to use on your shamanic healings and as a remedy.

Organic Smudging Stick

For you to use for cleansing and psychic protection

Crystals Kit

A kit of powerful healing crystals to use during your Crystal and Shamanic healing practice.
This Shamanic Practitioner Immersion Course offers a transformative journey into the heart of shamanic wisdom, healing, and empowerment. Through a combination of ancient teachings and contemporary practices, participants will embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and connection with the natural world. This immersive experience will empower participants to awaken their innate shamanic abilities and embrace their role as agents of healing and transformation in their lives and communities.

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Due to the nature of this Shamanic Immersion training, the places are strictly limited. This is a small group offering only. Bookings open now! Reserve your place below with a deposit of $555 (non-refundable) + 2 instalments of $1799 OR in FULL for $3800. Use code EARLYBIRD501 to save $501 off Full Payment Pricing! Hurry, Early Bird ends March 30th 2024.
Shamanic Practices and Healing Certificate – IMMERSION – Full Payment
Shamanic Practices and Healing Certificate – IMMERSION – Payment Plan (Deposit + 2 Instalments)
I have been dreaming with all my heart in offering this Shamanic Practitioner Certificate program for many years now. I am so excited that it has come to the Light and it is here for you! I have been facilitating it for a few years and it is a Joy to see the participants -now Certified Shamanic Practitioners- stepping into their Inner Power and offering Shamanic healings and services to others now! This is a unique, brand new course that I have created based on my own daily shamanic practices, my own shamanic training/apprenticeships, advanced apprenticeship and shamanic travelling Beyond the Veil training with a Peruvian shaman and intertwined with my experience and work as Ed Psychology and Teacher, Earth Medicine Woman, Crystal Power Healing founder and Intuitive Psychic, as well as Reiki Master/Teacher. Read the FAQ and if you wish to discuss your placement in the course with Claudia, email her on [email protected] Once your payment is received, Claudia will contact you within 24 hs to connect and have a chat about the journey ahead.

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Contact claudia

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