Trinity of Blessings™

Attunement to Divine Love From Archangel Michael

The Trinity of Blessings™ is an Attunement to the Power of Love within, which was originally received from Archangel Michael through its patron Theresa Helton in 2010.

The time for creating miracles in your life is NOW. The energies of manifestation are flowing fully and freely. By working with those energies, you can create change in your life and in our world.

Divine Love is the key, and when you accept this powerful attunement you are receiving the Essence of the Creator/Universe/God/Divine Intelligence, which enhances the Love that already exists within your heart flame.

For many this Attunement will bring an instant awakening to the Love within. For others it may be the beginning of your awakening. Whatever the case may be, once you begin working with this energy on a daily basis you will feel Love, Joy and Peace blossoming within you and you will reach an awareness of true Love, Joy and Peace.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

I, Claudia Boymouchakian, have personally experience the blessings that the Trinity of Blessings brought into my Life. That’s why I want to share this blessing with the world!

I not only created health and happiness within, but also around me. I am receiving Abundance in all areas of my Life, and I truly feel Prosperous! I couldn’t have done this without being Attuned to this Trinity of Blessings!

When you allow yourself to be blessed, guided and supported, you can open you heart to the Gifts that the Universe/god/Great Spirit has for you, and you can create the life you dream of… if it is for your Highest Good! TRUST!

Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” – Les Brown (1945-)

These energies of Love, Joy and Peace are of a high vibration and match the vibratory action of your heart’s innermost desires. When these vibratory levels are reached, they act like magnets, attracting all the blessings of one’s heart. So, by finding the Love within, and enhancing that inner flame through the daily meditation and blessing practice, you experience personal Joy and Peace.

When one is happy and filled with Love, Joy and Peace, the Universe responds with blessings and desires of your heart.

Your willingness to work with Archangel Michael, and to open yourself to the energies and blessings from the Universe prepare the way for the blessings to come into your life! This is Archangel Michael’s promise to you: Prepare the way for the blessings to come into your life!

~Receiving the Trinity of Blessings Attunement ~

Archangel Michael and I work together on your Attunement. The attunement itself is short and in the form of a blessing. The key to this system is the attunement and the appointment of the energies by Archangel Michael. Without accepting the attunement and following the instructions in the manual the system will not activate. As your Patroness/Master Teacher, I am here to help you with any questions you may have.

What does ‘Call Down’ refer to in regards to attunements?

This attunement is ‘set’ or performed for you by me. The attunement energies are appointed for each person by the Archangel Himself. When you are ready to receive the attunement and perform the blessing (the ritual), this act of opening yourself to receiving it by speaking the words is referred to here as ‘calling down’.

Once you receive and accept your attunement you will become a Master Teacher of The Trinity of Blessings and we ask that you pass the attunement onto others.

There are two stages. The first stage is a novitiate period of eight days during which time you are asked to perform the Meditation and the Blessing treatment every day to become fully attuned to the energy.

After that time (8 days) you are fully endowed as a Master Teacher, and you can request your Certificate from me and begin sharing the Trinity of Blessings with other people.

“We all exist within the Realm of Possibility which is always Expanding”

The cost of The Trinity of Blessings Attunement is USD20.00(as set by Theresa Helton in 2010). Value in Australian Dollars: AUD$ 30.00.

With your purchase you will receive a FREE guided Mp3 Meditation with our compliments to assist you in your daily meditation practice.

After we have received your payment, you will receive:

  • The Attunement from Archangel Michael.
  • The Trinity of Blessings 17-Page eBook containing full instruction on how to receive The Attunement as well as detailed information about the Trinity of Blessings itself and how it came into being. Delivered to your email address.
  • The Daily Meditation and Blessing practice in which you will connect with Archangel Michael to further activate the full benefit of these Blessings in your life.

NB: Please allow for up to a 12-16 hour delay in receiving the above due to time zone differences.

I encourage you to stay in contact with me and to share how these energies are changing your life!

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Peace and Joy!


Claudia Boymouchakian


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