No name. Just Angels! – A Book By Claudia Boymouchakian

This book is a channelled inspirational work by Claudia Boymouchakian.

The Angels and Archangels shared with Claudia, and now with you, simple and wise messages that will help you connect with the Angelic Realm, trust yourself, heal your heart and your emotions, take suggested action steps and do fun tasks to create a happier and healthier Life.

Claudia is an Angel IntuitiveⓇ, Shamanic healer and natural Angelic Messenger. She connects and speaks with the Angels every day!

If you are ready to receive words of comfort, encouragement and assistance from the Angelic Realm, this book will open the Celestial Doors for you!



“An absolutely enlightening read, it meets you exactly where you are in this moment”.

“Angelic! This book is so special! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world at a time when people need it most!”

“I got emotional reading this book. It touches your heart.”


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