Shamanic Healing

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Shamanism is universal, it’s worldwide phenomena and it is our oldest model, our oldest path for the exploration of the inner dimensions. It’s all about our inner dimensions!

Shamanism is an ancient healing art practiced in many original cultures all around the world. Shamans use a variety of methods to access spiritual power and healing information and energy.

Some of the methods that I use during my Shamanic Healings are:

Shamanic Journey
Entering in a very relaxed state using a drumbeat to connect with Spirit and obtain healing messages, access spiritual guidance and invite Power Animals to bring forth what my client needs.

Soul Retrieval
This is a powerful healing ceremony where I track the client’s lost energy (due to trauma, shock, illness, negative charged life experiences) and bring it back to regain their full Soul energy, their wholeness.

Power Animal Retrieval
I journey with my drum to seek out a spirit protector who can help my client at this moment of his/her life. Animals are amazing guides and if you learn to trust yours, you will find you finally met someone who can show you the way!

Healing Mother Earth
Shamanic ceremonies to heal homes, land or bodies of water using different tools, performed ‘on site’. This healing could include a Power Animal retrieval if Pachamama requires it.

Have you ever had an experience where you spent lots of time (months or even years) trying to put yourself back together and feel happy and whole again? If you said “Yes”, then go on reading… Shamanic healing is here to help you!

Shamanic practices and healing offer a way to restore power that has been lost. We can lose our power due to traumatic events in our lives. Losing power may cause illness, addictions, accidents, unfulfilled life, depression, eating disorders Traumas cause a huge impact on our soul essence, and Shamanic healers have always known this!

There are different ‘ways’ we can lose parts of our soul, as I mentioned before, during traumas or shocks. Other way that we can experience loss of our soul (energy) is what Shamanism calls “Soul Stealing”. This happens when in a relationship, we give away pieces of ourselves or these pieces are taken from us. This could happen not only between couples, but also between co-workers, parent/child, friends, etc. This kind of “soul stealing” most of the times happens unconsciously, but has a huge impact on our lives!

Have you ever had an experience where you spent lots of time (months or even years) trying to put yourself back together and feel happy and whole again? Well, this is probably an experience of soul loss. And we lose the energy that store sour natural gifts, willpower, joy and even self-esteem and Love.

What can I expect from a Shamanic healing session?

Shamanism can bring joy, healing and power to you. Embracing this sacred path of healing born from ancestral wisdom traditions is one way I could help you become whole, happy, healthy and positive!

As a Universal Shaman, my journey is to help others discover their connection to Nature and Spirit, to bring forth healing and happiness, Light and Love, in an unified field of energy.

It is your human birthright to joyously, in a child-like manner, in playfulness, embrace the possibities in your dreaming of a today and a new tomorrow.

If you are ready to start dreaming of your soul as whole, with the loving support of the Shamanic healing practice, to receive the healings as a beautiful gift in your life, I am here to help you in loving support.

As my shaman teacher, don Oscar Miro-Quesada says: “For we are luminous strands in this sacred web of relationships, and it is through our right action, born of compassionate, spiritual wisdom that unifies, that brings us together, that reveals the commonality between all human beings and more importantly, all species within this Earth-wide community known as Gaia, Mamapacha.”

I look forward to navigating inner and outer worlds together.