Essence of Angels

Stress Management for staff


I am a Certified Essence of Angels® Practitioner and I will be delighted to take you into a healing journey assisted by the Angels and their vibrations.

The Essences of Angels assist us in bringing love, understanding, and guidance into our lives through a set of 12 vibrational remedies. They combine Angelic and Master Crystal vibrations and they are setting a new paradigm in healing. They work well with other healing modalities and are holistic in their capacity to bring enlightenment and healing into the lives of those that use them. As the Essences stimulate consciousness and awaken people to their soul potential, you will consciously be able to create health, abundance and joy within you life.

In order for us to bring the understanding and guidance of each Archangel into our use, we use the Essences of Angels, which are a set of 12 Vibrational remedies. They mix the pure and unconditional love of the realm of angels with the energy of the Master Crystal Energies and Crystal Devas and inspire healing on many levels. The Essences interact with the major chakras of the body, and stimulate healing in the physical sense, as well as on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

What can I expect from an Essence of Angels healing session?

Every Essence of Angels® consultation is unique. I will communicate with your Angels & Guides and bring forward messages to assist you with your life and divine purpose.

I use the Essence of Angels® vibrational remedies for hands on healing, in conjunction with an Intuitive Healing or Reiki session.

At the end of the session I will produce a vibrational remedy from the Essence of Angels® vibrational remedies range especially for you to take home.