Crystal Healing

Real Healing Crystals


Crystals are powerful healing tools. They can help with your physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health; and can support your romantic life, help you and your children sleep better, amplify your healing power, and assist you in feeling happy and peaceful.

Crystals are the offspring of Heaven and Earth’s marriage. They’re a gift from Gaia, the spirit of our planet, to amplify the power of light and love. No matter what type of healing you need, crystals can help!

Crystals amplify their own energy, as well as the Divine universal energy that has different names, including Spirit, chi, qi, prana, Light and Love, and Reiki. The term Crystal Therapy refers to working with crystals’ live energy and voice in conjunction with Divine energy. Crystal therapy helps you to better hear, feel, and know the voice of Spirit during your healing sessions, and to heal any imbalances in your body, mind, spirit and aura.

Most of our energetic patterns and suppressed emotions can be held within our chakras. A caring balancing with crystals can create deep healing of these emotions and bring self-awareness, allowing for a greater sense of wellbeing and peace in our lives.

I use different crystals and master crystals to assist you in healing and helping you communicate with your guardian angels. Since Crystal Therapy is an intuitive healing process, I will choose the crystals intuitively. I am also the founder of Crystal Power Healing, a complementary therapy that works with Crystals according to their inner energies and our chakra system. This is a powerful therapy that can assist you in balancing, cleansing, re energising your body, mind and spirit and much more!

Crystals are alive and filled with exciting and healing messages. They have so much to share with us if we’ll only listen. We can probably feel major shifts surging through the world today. As the world speeds up, it’s natural for us to want to slow down and ground ourselves. Well, a Crystal Power Therapy session can help you do both. It can help you understand all the new world energies by opening spiritual channels, while also reconnecting you to Mother Earth and receiving her power to heal yourself.

During the session I not only work with the Devas of the crystals and the crystals, but I also channel a Celestial message from your Angels or Guides and will pass in to you to increase the healing power of the crystals and the session and to empower you to heal with love and light.