In a private healing session, I will draw on my range of healing modalities to provide you with a completely unique and personal treatment. My modalities include Angelic Therapy, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Healing, Emotional Healing, Reiki, and Essence of Angels. If you are drawn to any particular healing modality, then I will ensure this is used in your session. You can find out more about each modality below.


In an Angelic Therapy session I will use different techniques to help you heal your wounds, cut cords, release the old and negative, heal past-life vows, lift the energy of a psychic attack, clear your worries and concerns and emotional pain, with the loving and caring assistance of the Archangels.


Crystals are powerful healing tools. They can help with your physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health; and can support your romantic life, help you and your children sleep better, amplify your healing power, and assist you in feeling happy and peaceful.


Shamanic practices and healing offer a way to restore power that has been lost. We can lose our power due to traumatic events in our lives. Losing power may cause illness, addictions, accidents, unfulfilled life, depression, eating disorders traumas cause a huge impact on our soul essence.


Our emotions play such an important part in our wellbeing! Anger, sadness, fear, depression, failure, hopelessness, anxiety, stress… Let go of destructive patters and emotions! If you are happy, balanced, relaxed, living your Life with that “Inner Smile” in your heart… then you know that the state of health and happiness is possible.


A Reiki session is deeply relaxing and comforting. For deeper health and psychological issues it provides support for deeper healing modalities and may, in some instances, provide complete healing. Claudia’s Reiki sessions are enhanced by Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Energy Healing, Angelic Medicine and Sound Healing to immerse you in a unique wellness experience.


I am a Certified Essence of Angels® Practitioner and I will be delighted to take you into a healing journey assisted by the Angels and their vibrations. The Essences of Angels assist us in bringing love, understanding, and guidance into our lives through a set of 12 vibrational remedies.

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