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Here you will find our monthly group activities and classes. You are invited to come, join and transform your Life!

June 2023



Reiki I: The Awakening

Start  your Reiki journey!

Learn the art of hands on healing. Become a channel of healing energy!

You will receive your Reiki attunement in person and you will be able to give Reiki to yourself, your loved ones and friends. Connect with this amazing Universal Healing Energy and be surprised how your life Changes! 



Winter Solstice Shamanic Gathering

Let’s celebrate the start of a new season… Winter Solstice…. with a healing Shamanic Fire and a wonderful Shamanic Ceremony called “Cacao Ceremony”.
Cacao plant medicine will be embraced by vibrational sound waves of Claudia’s therapeutic singing bowls and Medicine Drum to create positive shifts in your mind, body and spirit.
We’ll begin this Winter Solstice Shamanic Celebrations with a Fire Ceremony followed by Sound and Medicine Drum session. You’ll be guided to a Shamanic Journey (don’t worry if this is your first time, I’ll explain in detail before starting), then we’ll drink a ceremonial grade Cacao elixir prepared by Claudia and journey to open our hearts to connect deeper within, in a safe and sacred Shamanic Circle.
Yes! There will be Shamanic Drumming and Rattling and you’ll have chance to experience by yourself the healing vibrations of the Medicine Drum, as each participant will drum!
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Reiki II: The Transformation

Become a Reiki Practitioner!

In Reiki II you will receive a second attunement that will prepare you to strengthen your ability to work at a higher vibrational level. After the attunement you will be able to do deeper healing, affecting the emotions and the mind as well as the physical body, as well as send distant Reiki to others, the planet and animals.



Reiki 3: Reiki Master Teacher Level

Connect with Reiki as its highest level!
The Reiki Master/Teacher level attunement takes your Reiki healing potential to the spiritual level in additional to the physical, emotional and mental levels you already have from earlier attunements.
Why become a Reiki Master-Teacher?
If you have already been attuned to Reiki 1 and 2, with this Third attunement and class, you will be able to enhance the Reiki energy flow during your sessions and to perform Reiki initiations.
One of the greatest gifts one can have is to offer Reiki initiation to others!
As a Reiki Master/Teacher student you will receive an attunement IN PERSON! that will increase enormously the flow of Reiki through you and you will learn to teach Reiki classes and pass Reiki attunements. (this is your choice! You can receive the attunement for yourself or if you wish to teach Reiki, you will be fully equipped)
Once you receive the attunement, the Reiki energy will take you to a whole new state of connectedness and oneness with Source energy.
After the course, your potential for self-healing and ability to support healing in others will be enhanced deeply and powerfully.
You can choose to teach Reiki or just receive the benefits from this third attunement, for yourself and others!
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July 2023



Medicine Drum Creation Day

Join me in this soulful day in a sacred space, in ceremony, to call upon the energies of the Trees and the Animals to start your Medicine Drum creation journey!


We’ll start the day with a Shamanic Plant cleanse, opening an Andean Mesa Altar, with Invocations and chanting. Then Sacred Cacao will join us to help open our hearts and get ready in a holistic way for a very special day!

You will travel within, guided by the sounds of Medicine Drums and Healing Rattles, to connect with your soul, align you with the energies of Creation and get you spiritually ready to weave a unique drum for healing and manifesting, connection and guidance. The intention is very personal!


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