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In these present times, where everything changes, from our work to our relationships; from hugs to zoom meetings; from catching up for coffee to phone calls… we need to take care of our Immune System! Fear lowers our vibration and it’s an open door to anything unwanted! A mind and body who focuses on LOVE, is an open door to LIGHT, health, strength! Keep your immune system very healthy!

I will offer you some more tools to work with energy and raise your vibration! If you read Part 1 of my blog, I hope you are enjoying the tips and action steps so far!

Remember that higher vibration energy uplifts us, opens our heart and minds to health, prosperity, love, abundance… Energy helps us connect, resonate, understand others. High vibration energy opens doors to create miracles in your Life.

Here are some simple tools and tricks that you can use to cleanse and clear your own energy field and the energy of your home.

  1. Clear, unwind and relax daily

Take some minutes to cleanse your energy every day. A shower to cleanse your auric field, a bath with Epsom salts, lavender and pink Himalayan salt, a drop of Eucaliptus oil in your hands… every small action will help you cleanse and maintain a clear mind, body and spirit!

woman playing piano while laughing
  • Connect with Music

Sing, chant, repeat a mantra. Play uplifting music. Play an instrument, or Tibetan bells, singing bowls or chimes. The vibration of the sound can clear the energies and help you and your space vibrate in higher ways so you can have an open heart that attracts all good in your Life.

  • Reiki yourself and your space

If you have been attuned to Reiki (hands-on Japanese technique), you can use the Reiki symbols on yourself and in any space that you feel the energy needs to be cleansed.

I invite you to explore the many options I mentioned above and in Part 1 of this blog, to cleanse yourself and your home/business/office. See and feel which one you connect with most and make a ritual of it. Use one or more techniques to cleanse, clear and protect. It’s up to you to make sure that you and your space stays at high vibrational level. Enjoy the journey!

If you feel that you may need a professional, spiritual Lightworker to help you reset the energy/Chi of your auric field, your body, your home and business spaces, contact me on or call me on 0413 202 589 to discuss your needs and I will be delighted to help you create a cleanse, powerful and loving space where positive energy flows in your body and in your environment.

With Love and Light                                                       


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