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Success in all areas of your Life can be manifested when you are ‘in tune’ with your heart, have a clear mind and an open heart.

Your body and your home are supposed to be your Sancturary, where you can create miracles.

In our daily activities, it’s easy to pick up unwanted energies that may cause us to feel stuck, overwhelmed, tired, upset, exhausted.

You can clear yourself and your space with easy tools to keep your personal and environmental energies at optimum levels thus feeling happier, clearer and relaxed.

Higher vibration energy uplifts us, opens our heart and minds to health, prosperity, love, abundance… Energy helps us connect, resonate, understand others. High vibration energy opens doors to create miracles in your Life.

Here are some simple tools and tricks that you can use to cleanse and clear your own energy field and the energy of your home.

  1. Breathe…

Take deep breaths in and slowly out. Let the fresh air into your lungs and into your body.

Open your windows! Physical spaces also need fresh air. Let air in, especially in the morning, where the atmosphere is less polluted. Sunlight will bring light and energy into your space.

  • Move!

Get your blood circulating. Dance, jump, swing, walk… Tap! Anything that you like doing and helps your blood circulate… will help!

  • Aromatherapy

Diffuse essential to help you, your home and your business space clear and feel uplifted. Use good quality essential oils for cleansing and releasing unwanted energies, such as lavender, lemon, sage, peppermint, cypress, grapefruit.

  • Use plants!

Indigenous peoples, shamans and Native tribes knew about the cleansing power of plants. You can use Grandfather Sage, Palo Santo (Peruvian native plant which is extremely cleansing and protecting), a Rosemary bunch (grow your own!), or Australian Native Tobacco leaves.

Light a bundle and smudge around your body and in your home. These purifying plants will leave you with a wonderful sense of ‘cleanse’ and clarity.

  • Explore with crystals

Crystals hold high vibrations and they will clear, empower and protect you and your space. I love crystals and I have created Crystal Power Healing course for all crystal lovers! Check my Courses page on the website for more info.

Black Tourmaline absorbs and repels low vibrational energies. Place a Black Tourmaline in each corner of your home. These crystals create a protective energy field around you and your space.

Use a Citrine for prosperity and financial abundance. Place Citrine close to the entrance, the cashier, in your wallet. Or use it in a pendant.

Amber, amethyst, Blue Tourmaline, Fluorite and Lapis Lazuli are some of the crystals that you can use to strenghten your immune system.

I invite you to explore the many options I mentioned above to cleanse yourself and your home/business/office. See and feel which one you connect with most and make a ritual of it. Use one or more techniques to cleanse, clear and protect. It’s up to you to make sure that you and your space stays at high vibrational level. Enjoy the journey!

If you feel that you may need a professional, spiritual Lightworker to help you reset the energy/Chi of your auric field, your home and business spaces, contact me on or call me on 0413 202 589 to discuss your needs and I will be delighted to help you create a cleanse, powerful and loving space where positive energy flows in your body and in your environment.

With Love and Light                                                       


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