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Spiritual Growth Journey© is a 4-week program to accelerate your spiritual growth

In the Spiritual Growth Journey I have combined energy and psychological tools and techniques with my many years’ experience in Shamanism, Crystal and Angel Therapy and Meditation to bring a powerful and delightful Spiritual Growth Journey© Program.

The main focus is to connect with your Higher Self, live as your Higher Self, transform your Life raising your vibration and using unmanifested Universal energy.

This Spiritual Growth Journey© is a delicate and magickal experience to immerse with all your heart and live from your Soul’s purpose your daily life.

During 4 Modules you will use different techniques, tools and meditation to connect and feel your Higher Self and your creative power in different ways.

What will happen when you start your Spiritual Growth Journey©?

When you step into your own Spiritual Growth Journey©, your awareness will expand, you will experience a calmer mind and Life, you will begin walking on Earth with love and peace in your heart. Your thoughts, words, actions, responses will be from a place of Love and Harmony.

All your dreams and the Life you wish to have will easily unfold when you start connecting with and honouring your own Spirit in your daily experiences. You can live a soul-guided Life and trust your deep Inner Power to transform your Life!

I have been an Educational Psychologist, Teacher and Energy Healer for over 15 years. I will be guiding you with the same tools and techniques I’ve used myself, with family members and many clients. I’m very confident that you are receiving a very special quality Program that will take you to the next level. You will experience results… in yourself, in your Life, in your relationships and even in your environment!

You will receive 2 bonuses: My “Zoom In” meditation and a free distance Reiki session so you can start the journey balanced and with lots of beautiful universal energy around you.

Your Spiritual Growth is my passion! I’m here to guide and help you. This is not another online program… We will meet in a Skype/Zoom session and talk about your journey and how you can get the most of it, answer your questions and give you that very special one-on-one attention and support! You will have an amazing transformation!

Enjoy your Journey!

Claudia Boymouchakian