Shamanic Practices and Healing
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Learn and experience the Ancient Healing Path of Shamanism with Shamanic Practitioner, Earth Medicine Woman, Reiki Master/Teacher and Ed Psychologist,  Claudia Boymouchakian.

In this Intensive Shamanic Practitioner Certificate you will...

…create a starting point -your Shamanic Altar- which will be your Centre, and from there you will journey to the different lands of Shamanism, in a safe and sacred space, guided by Claudia and surrounded by a community of spiritual seekers, to discover your shamanic Medicine, for healing yourself and then helping others on their healing journeys. 

Birth, make and create  your own Medicine Drum and Rattle.

There is an amazing healing wisdom that the shamans are now sharing with the rest of the world, and that YOU can tap and awaken your Inner Shaman!

Learning the ceremonial abilities of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition from Peru, and the Medicine Wheel from the North Americans will set the base for your journey of transformation!

Crystals, sacred plants, animal guides, spirit helpers, elements, prayer, drumming, smudging, ceremonies and journeying to the 3 worlds will be part of your daily life, widening your perspective of Life, and learning to bring forth different Helpers from other Loving Realms to guide, heal, protect, cleanse and honour Yourself and others.

You will activate your energy field, connect with your Allies (in the spiritual world/Higher Realms), and your Spirit teacher, to work with Pachamama and the Elements in ceremony, and create a variety of shamanic tools for healing. Once you have done this, you will be guided to put together your own ‘Medicine’ and then share it with the World, from a place of Love and Healing Service.


What if you could activate the Supreme Energy Powers and become a channel for Sacred Shamanic Medicine to heal yourself and the world... one person at a time, starting with you?

If you feel there is more in life that what you have been living up to today, you are right! There is much more and this Shamanic Practitioner Certificate is an invitation to tap into your inner light, inner knowing and to re-member who you are and what you came to this planet to do!


Are you curious about the energy healers, shamans, medicine men and women, curanderos...

…who call upon Unseen Energies for healing and walk on this Earth with a profound vision?

Is your soul guiding you to connect with Mother Earth from a more sacred space?

The shamanic path is not only for Traditional or Aboriginal or Native healers. Shamanic healing wisdom is now available to everyone who comes from a Service and Loving space willing to learn and to honour the tools and wisdom that will receive.

If you are reading this, it is very probable that your Inner Wise or Inner Healer is calling you to journey deeply into the Magick Powers of the Unseen.

This is a unique opportunity to learn Shamanic practices to connect with the different dimensions and helpers, create and use a variety of powerful tools to access healing energies for yourself and for others.

Be your own Medicine Wheel and experience Life from a higher and deeper perspective.

Awaken your Inner Shaman through shamanic practices, rituals, ceremony and Crystal and Spirit Medicine.

My prayer is that this course help you in a profound way, your path of self-healing and service to others. 

After all, wouldn’t it be great to see our Earth and its inhabitants healed by thriving and lovely inspired Shamanic Practitioners… like you?


This Intensive Shamanic Practitioner Certificate includes:

Live Online Training Sessions

Eight 2-hour live online sessions with Claudia, each with Sacred Circle and Q&A opportunities to have all your questions answered.

In-Person Workshops

To create your Shamanic artes (tools), including your Medicine Drum & Healing Rattle, participate in a Cacao Ceremony, celebrate the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice and more!

Shamanic Circles

As part of a community of Lightworkers, it is important to embrace our own healing journey and these Shamanic Circles will help you to embrace your Life!

Detailed Course Manuals

Includes class manuals to embrace and deepen what you learn in each live in-person class and 3 audio meditations to connect with your Spirit Helpers and Crystal Guides.

Accredited Certificate

All participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. This includes practical experiences guided by Claudia, and participation in the in-person Shamanic Weeekend

Fabulous Bonuses

Including a private session with Claudia, a Caduceus crsytals chakra pendant, a sacred healing plant, an essential oil blend, a bottle of organic Grandfather Sage, and a crystals kit!

"Shamanism teaches you how to feel and live as Nature, that YOU ARE part of Nature, not a separate being!"
-Claudia Boymouchakian

Over the course of this Shamanic Practitioner Certificate, Claudia Boymouchakian will hold sacred space for your learning and will guide you in:

Course Topics & Dates 2024

January and February 2024

Tuesdays from 7pm till 9pm (AEST) via Zoom Live


One Shamanic weekend (Friday evening-Saturday and Sunday) in March

  for Sacred Circle, Shamanic Ceremonies  & Healings, and Medicine Drum and Healing Rattle workshop creation.              

Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm – Sydney (March)

 Gold Coast, South Coast and Tasmania dates TBC upon registrations

SESSION 1: Discover Shamanism

Ceremony, Rituals, Peruvian Altar & Medicine Wheel

  • Learn about the Medicine Wheel, the Directions, Animals and Colours
  • Discover the Pachacuti Andean Mesa Tradition from Peru
  • Be guided to create your Andean Mesa Altar following its cosmovision configuration
  • Connect with the power of spoken words through Shamanic prayers for Invocation, Evocation and Decree
  • Immerse yourself into the Shamanic world: Ceremony and Sacred Rituals: gestures & intentions
  • Ground yourself using different types of Shamanic breathing
  • How to protect yourself when tapping into the Energy work
  • Create your own sacred Altar as a centre point of your Shamanic work and daily life

SESSION 2: Embracing the Elements

Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Aether in your daily life

  • The basics of working with the Elements
  • How the Elements relate to your body
  • Integrating crystals and Elements
  • Learn to do Ceremonial work in Nature
  • Honouring the Earth and Earthing
  • Discover how to Invoke and work with the Elements
  • The Elements as powerful healing Allies
  • Practical guide to work with the Elements

SESSION 3: Healing with Plant Medicine

Shamanic Rituals for healing – Smudging – Cacao Ceremony

  • Deepen your connection with ancestral Plant Medicine
  • Delight your senses with the Ikaros: Shamanic Plant songs
  • Use the modern Shaman plant Medicine
  • Allow your intuition to work with Healing herbs
  • Use plants to create your own Smudging sticks
  • Open your heart with Cacao
  • Make Cacao with Claudia’s personal recipe and participate in Ceremony
  • Be guided to start your collection of herbs, plants and tools

SESSION 4: Beyond the Veil

Connecting with Spirit Helpers

  • Learn about Animal and Spirit Guides
  • Connect with your Power animal and Totem animals for transformation, guidance and to transmute heaviness, trauma, pain into Light and Munay
  • Allow your heart to take you to you Anchor spot, from where you’ll travel shamanically to the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds
  • Initiate your connection with the energy of your Guides
  • Journey to meet your Power Animal in sacred space
  • Becoming one with your power animal
  • Travelling in the 3 worlds in drum-trance state
  • Art activity to connect with your Shamanic Guides

SESSION 5: Shamanic tools & processes

Learn to apply powerful healing techniques

  • Learn and participate in rituals for creating sacred space and ceremony
  • Hucha cleansing with crystals
  • Experience a traditional South American and Mesoamerican healing process: Limpia: Spiritual egg cleansing
  • Use tools for cleansing: Smudging/Palo Santo/Sage/Florida water
  • Sounding with rattle or drum
  • Practice energy healing on people and places

SESSION 6: Honouring the Earth and its healing gifts

Connect with the healing power of the Crystal Kingdom

  • Activate your connection with the amazing Earth’s gifts: Crystal Power Healing
  • Learn to heal with crystals using the Resonance and the Spiritual paradigms
  • Create crystal grids for manifestation, healing and protection
  • Make your own crystal elixirs/essences for different purposes
  • Perform Crystal healing sessions as part of your Shamanic sessions
  • Allow your soul to be guided in meditation to meet your Crystal Guide

SESSION 7: Shamanic Rituals for Healing

A kaleidoscope of healing processes

  • Embody the processes of Shamanic Healing
  • Discover the art of healing by being present with a Talking stick
  • Add healing sounds to your repertoire: Chanting – Healing songs
  • Embody the Medicine of the Drum and Rattle
  • Learn what Fire Dancing means
  • Embrace two energy modalities: Shamanism and Reiki
  • Explore different shamanic processes and techniques

SESSION 8: Shamanic Journeying

Travel within and discover your healing Gifts

  • Shamanic Journeying opens portals for healing
  • Journey with your Power Animal or Spirit Guide to find your ‘Medicine’
  • Be gently guided and reassured to journey to retrieve Medicine for others
  • Access the Portals of Healing through art: journal creation with images

SESSION 9: Shamanic weekend! In person!

Gather in community to create your shamanic tools (Medicine Drum, Healing Rattles, Wiracocha feathers, Florida Water and more) and integrate the learnings and wisdom in Sacred Circle and different Shamanic Ceremonies.

  • Fire Ceremony
  • Medicine Drum creation/ birthing session
  • Craft a Medicine Rattle
  • Prepare Florida Water
  • Make Smudging sticks with Native Plants
  • Gather your Wiracocha fan feathers
  • Embrace the connection with your Shamanic tools
  • Use your Artes for ritual, ceremony and healing. A group Soul Retrieval session.
  • Dates in Sydney: March 1-3, 2024
  • Gold Coast, South Coast and Tasmania dates to be confirmed upon registration and/or with 2 months in advance. (min 4 participants in each location). April 2024

Look at these amazing Bonuses included in your course fee!

Spiritual Spray

A delicate spray mist for you to use before your Shamanic healing and meditations.

Private Session with Claudia

One private one on one session with Claudia during the course.

Caduceus Pendant with Crystals

A beautiful Caduceus pendant with crystals .

Sacred Plant

A sacred plant to take home and use as a shamanic tool and on your daily life.

Essential Oil Blend

A personalised essential oil blend bottle for you to use on your shamanic healings and as a remedy.

Grandfather Sage

A bottle of organic Grandfather Sage oil blend to use for psychic protection and other medicinal uses

Crystals Kit

A kit of powerful healing crystals to use during your Crystal and Shamanic healing practice.

Certificate Fees

One Payment

Save $597
$ 2999
  • Eight online session lectures
  • Sacred Shamanic Circles
  • In-person workshops, with all materials included
  • Extensive class manuals
  • 3 audio meditations
  • Accredited certificate
  • Lots of BONUSES!

Payment Plan

4 Instalments of $899
$ 3596
  • Eight online sesion lectures
  • Sacred ShamanicCircles
  • In-person workshops, with all materials included
  • Extensive class notes
  • 3 audio meditations
  • Accredited certificate
  • Lots of BONUSES!

Enrol Now

Due to the essence of this Shamanic Practitioner Certificate program, there is only a set number of places available. Enrol now to secure your place! If you prefer to pay via bank transfer or cash, contact Claudia at

Full payment or 4 instalments.

I have been dreaming with all my heart in offering this Shamanic Practitioner Certificate program for many years now. I am so excited that it finally has come to the Light and it is here for you! I have been facilitating it for a few years and it is a Joy to see the participants stepping into their Inner Power, and offering Shamanic healings and services to others now! 

This is a unique, brand new course that I have created based on my own daily shamanic practices, my own shamanic training/apprenticeships, advanced apprenticeship and shamanic travelling Beyond the Veil training with a Peruvian shaman and intertwined with my experience and work as Ed Psychology and Teacher,  Earth Medicine Woman, Crystal Power Healing founder and Intuitive Psychic, as well as Reiki Master/Teacher.

Read the FAQ below before making your payment, and if you wish to discuss your placement in the course with Claudia, email her on

Once your payment is received, Claudia will contact you within 24 hs to connect and have a chat about the journey ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you connect with Mother Earth, the Elements, Spirit Guides, practice any type of energy healing therapy, or are willing to delve into the Shamanic world, this course is for you!

You only need to bring your open heart and mind, have self-awareness, willing to learn and share, and to participate in individual and group shamanic activities.

We DO NOT use any psychoactive plants nor fungi, to enter into the Spirit World. We will use only sacred plants for Ceremony, as offering, never to be ingested, inhaled nor taken in any other way.

Due to the big discount and the bonuses on this one-time offer, we are not able to offer refunds nor substitutions.

This course will be  ONLINE via Zoom, IN PERSON over a WEEKEND and  in Private Facebook group. All participants will be invited prior to the course commencement.

An in-person live Shamanic Weekend will be at the following locations, if a minimum of 4 participants are enrolled: Gold Coast (QLD), Hobart (TAS), Huskisson (NSW). 

For the Shamanic Weekend @ Purple Angel Healing Centre, in Riverwood, NSW, there is no minimum participants required, and you are welcome to travel and come join me in Sydney!

During the Shamanic Weekend we will meet in person to participate in powerful Ceremonies, Shamanic Healings and Chanting, create your Medicine Tools and more! If you cannot attend, you can opt to receive the Medicine Tools via post, at your own cost and join on future dates (Only if live outside Australia)

The Private Facebook group will support you in making connections with other Soul Seekers and Shamanic Practitioners. You can share insights, engage in discussions, and complete soul work assignments that can supplement your transformational journey. You’ll have the ability to share your experiences, projects, and growth throughout the course. Participation on this group is totally free and up to you!

Yes! The information shared in the Zoom classes will be on the private Facebook group, in the ‘Files’ section, as pdf modules. You can also always ask questions throughout the course at any time.

After each Session, your Modules/Manuals will be uploaded as Files on our private FB group for your recall and to deepen your learning.

NOTE: It is an accreditation requirement to participate in the full Shamanic weekend if you wish to receive your Certificate in Shamanic Practices and Healing-Shamanic Practitioner Certificate. 

When you join this Shamanic Practitioner Certificate BEFORE 15th SEPTEMBER 2022, you will also have a big bundle of FREE BONUSES:

1. Spiritual Mist Spray (Value $55) especially created for you by Claudia.

2. One private one on one session with Claudia during the course and before the end of the year. (Value $200)

3. A beautiful Caduceus pendant with crystals (Value $55)

4. An essential oil blend to use on your shamanic healings (Value $45)

5. A bottle of organic Grandfather Sage essential oil to use for psychic protection (Value $50)

6. A crystals kit for your healing practice (valued $40)

7. A sacred plant to use on your Shamanic practice (valued $25)

You can send an email to and we’ll get right back to you.




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The teachings on this course are accurate and informative, but they do not take place of professional or medical advice. If you have any specific questions about any medical (physical, mental, emotional) matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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Shamanic Practitioner Certificate – Intensive – Purple Angel Healing


I am here to hold sacred space for your learning. Feel free to call or email me if you need help or have any questions.

Munay (in Quechua, Unconditional/Divine Love) to you

Claudia Boymouchakian                            

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