Reiki Training

Professional Reiki Healing


Professional Reiki Healing


Professional Reiki Healing



Pre-requisites: None
Workshop times: One day (9:30 am to 5:00 pm)
Inclusions: Hardcopy Reiki 1 Manual + working materials + morning  tea + certificate

Date: Saturday 27th March, 2021

Investment: $265 (a deposit of $99 will reserve your space)
Note: this is a SMALL group class.

Individual training is available, please contact Claudia for more information and to arrange a suitable day!

In Reiki I the new practitioner is attuned to the Reiki channel of healing energy at the first degree level.

At this level you can offer physical healing by the laying on of hands. During the class you will learn to do hands on healing treatment for yourself and for others. This training includes:

  • Brief introduction to Reiki, Reiki Usui and Universal Healing Energy
  • Attunement that allows you to start practising Reiki
  • Give and receive one Reiki session
  • Steps on how to utilize the benefits of Reiki for yourself
  • How and when to offer Reiki to your animal companions, pets or rescue animals
  • Class booklet for easy guidance and recall after class
  • Basic energy healing techniques for personal protection and self-care.

You will receive a Reiki Level 1 Certificate upon completion.

Hands on Reiki will provide deep relaxation and release of pain and stress. It will strengthen the flow of life force energy to the body and support the body natural healing abilities as well as resolving physical problems that are ready to be healed (that don’t have deeper issues which need to be resolved before healing can take place).

This Reiki 1 – Hands on Healing session is warm and relaxing like a massage but it is done with the clothes on. It also helps people to sleep and recover from trauma and to release issues that are ready to let go of.

Reiki One is recommended for:

  • Anyone interested in healing themselves, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually – Reiki healing stays with you permanently leaving you with a healing tool to take care and control of your life physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.
  • Family carers/parents- Provide Reiki healing as a preventative measure against sickness for children and partners and friends.
  • Complementary Health Practitioners – Those who would like to become professional Reiki healing
  • Practitioners or combine Reiki healing with existing therapies e.g. massage, physiotherapy.
    Medical Practitioners – To enhance healing and intuitive abilities for Doctors, Nurses, caretakers etc.

One day and you will start giving Reiki! You will be attuned by Reiki Master Teacher Claudia Boymouchakian.


Pre-requisites: Completion of Reiki Level I course (I honour and accept other teacher’s Reiki 1 certificates)

Inclusions: In-person attunement + Manual + working materials + Reiki 2 Practitioner certificate

DATE: Sunday 28th March, 2021 – 9:30am to 4pm 

Investment: $399 (a deposit of $99 will reserve your place. Non refundable)

Reiki 2 certificates are accredited  and certified by Purple Angel Healing Centre and IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies).

You will be able to have membership and apply for Professional Insurance if you wish to practice Reiki as a service.

Bookings close 20th March, 2021. 

This is a strictly SMALL group in-person class.

Book now to avoid dissapointment and get ready to Transform your healing power to the next level!

Private training is also available during weekdays and some weekends. Please contact Claudia for more information.

In Reiki II you will be given a second attunement that will prepare you to strengthen your ability to work at a higher vibrational level.  After the attunement you will be able to do deeper healing, affecting the emotions and the mind as well as the physical body, as well as send distant Reiki to others, the planet and animals.

In Reiki II you will learn to:

  • Draw and use the Reiki symbols which allow you to direct the healing energy in more specific ways
  • Send healing into the past to treat physical, emotional or mental wounds at the time of the injury  
  • To consciously call, channel, use and direct the energy of three major Reiki symbols – the power symbol, the mental/emotional symbol and the distant/absentee symbol.
  • Send healing to people at any distance in a few minutes
  • Send healing into the future to support people undergoing surgical procedures and projects
  • You will receive a Reiki Level 2 Certificate upon completion.

You will receive and practice in class, the Reiki symbols that can also be used for a wide range of practical uses in your daily life. 

Once we receive your booking deposit, Claudia will email you details and information about the class, so you can be prepared for a powerful attunement and your Reiki 2 journey.


Pre-requisites: Completion of Reiki Level I and II course
Workshop times: Two days (9:30 am to 5 pm aprox.)
Inclusions: Manual + working materials + morning and afternoon tea + accredited certificate

Next Date: Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th April 2021
Investment: $1,111 (a deposit of $ 222 will reserve your place)

Book before 24th March 2021 and receive a beautiful gift!

This is a SMALL CLASS. Book now to reserve your place!  Strictly limited places.

If you wish to discuss a payment plan, feel free to call or email me. 

The Reiki Master/Teacher level attunement takes the practitioner’s healing potential to an even higher spiritual level in additional to the physical, emotional and mental levels they already have from earlier attunements.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher student you will learn  and practice! to teach Reiki classes and pass Reiki attunements.

You will receive the Level III attunement. All attunements are explained, demonstrated and practiced during the classes, so you will become confident in their use.

In this course you will be practising on other students and they will practice on you. You’ll be giving and receiving Reiki energy. This class is a deeply healing experience!

You will receive a copy with all the symbols for your Reiki practice and teaching, a comprehensive manual AND a Reiki Level 3-Master/Teacher Certificate upon completion,  accredited by IICT, so you can apply for membership and professional insurance.