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Energy Stones And Crystals


Pre-requisites: None
Workshop times: One day (9:30 am to 5 pm)
Inclusions: Comprehensive Manual + workbook + Crystals Kit+ morning and afternoon tea + Certificate

In this workshop I invite you to tap into the amazing power of the crystals to awaken to their healing benefits. Learn how to use the Crystal Power to increase health, well-being and transform your Life.

Explore the power and beauty of the crystals and discover how to unlock their capacity to attain well being, understand your thoughts and listen to your feelings and emotions.

Learn to heal with crystals and to balance your chakras.

This day is a path to understand and experience the creative energies that each chakra centre brings to your Life. You will be ready to identify imbalances so you can help restore your health.

Create grids to heal you and your home, to manifest what you desire and to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Through instruction, hands-on demonstrations, and supervised practice, you will learn and grow in understanding and confidence with this healing method. You will participate in practical exercises and in balancing meditations. Give and receive healing…

This Level 1, “Clear Quartz”, has a strong focus on yourself, your body and your energy system. You will be able to perform crystal healing on yourself and then offer a great service to others while facilitating Crystal Power Healing.

At Crystal Power Healing Level 1 “Clear Quartz” workshop every participant will receive:

  • Comprehensive Manual + workbook  
  • A 7 Crystals Kit
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Certificate upon completion of Crystal healing practices
  • Surprise gift 

People of all ages and levels of experience are welcome.

Crystal Power Healing consists in three levels. You can choose to attend just the first level, or complete all three levels to qualify as a CRYSTAL POWER HEALING PRACTITIONER.

The certificate is recognised by the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies).

 If you don’t want to start your practice as a Crystal Power Healing Practitioner but you wish you learn more about crystals and how to clean, recharge and use them to gain their benefits, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance for each workshop you attend.

INVESTMENT: $ 255 (Group class)

Private one-on-one classes available. Time and dates to be arranged with Claudia.

DEPOSIT: $55 (Non-refundable)


Healing Center


Pre-requisites: Crystal Power Level 1 Clear Quartz OR previous knowledge/certificates  in crystal healing
Workshop times: Two Saturdays 10am-3pm OR Sat & Sun
Inclusions: Comprehensive Manual + workbook+ Certificate (upon completion crystal healing practices)

In this two day workshop I invite you to tap even deeper into the amazing Power of the crystals to awaken to their healing benefits. Learn how to use the Crystal Power to increase health, love, relationships and transform your Life.

Learn advanced crystal chakra layouts for self-healing and healing other people. Open your heart to connect with different crystals for healing in experiential ways. Discover what layouts work best for you and for each person and how to conduct a Crystal Power session.

You’ll connect with Spirit of Energy in a variety of exercises, meditations and healing sessions-giving and receiving healing. Practice distance healing with crystals and discover and experience the energies of the Master crystal for Light, Connection and Healing.

Play with crystals to create your own vision board for manifestation and mandalas for centering and balancing yourself. Enjoy designing your sacred space for healing.

This course offers you a wide knowledge of the healing crystals, their properties and uses, as well as the chakra system, the aura and affirmations for healing. You will be able to heal yourself and then offer a great service to others while facilitating Crystal Power Healing with advanced and powerful crystal layouts.

Crystal Power Level 2 opens a door to transform yourself and your life and could be your previous step to becoming a Crystal Power Healer!

Healing Center


Pre-requisites: Crystal Power Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate
Workshop times: Two days 10am-2pm OR One day 9am-5pm
Inclusions: Comprehensive Manual + workbook + Certificate (upon completion crystal healing practices)

This two day Practitioner level workshop expands and enhances the skills acquired in Level 1 and Level 2 and teaches you different techniques, tools and information for you to set up, work and and run smoothly your own Crystal Power Healing practice from a place of Love.

Connect with your Crystal Guide; deepen your knowledge of the chakra system and of those more powerful crystals for healing, according to their properties, colours and energies. Discover the Atlantis crystals and way of healing.

Learn more advanced crystal healing techniques and layouts, and work with the Elements and Trinity of Crystals for a more profound healing. Connect to the Devic Kingdom and participate in crystal healing meditations.

In this workshop you will learn to use the power of colour to choose coloured crystals for specific purposes and effects, to grid your bed, your bath, treatment table and rooms, and to energise your house and your healing/waiting rooms and furniture.

Learn to facilitate healing on all levels – physical, spiritual and emotional. Prepare yourself to heal and transform your health and your space, and then help your clients to balance, heal and transform. You can be a Crystal Power healer for yourself and others!

Completion of this Level 3 “Shaman Stones” course will prepare you with a rounded knowledge of the healing crystals, their properties, different powerful layouts and techniques, and the chakra system, with exercises, methods and guidance to balance and heal the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) using the power of the crystals, meditation, sound and colour.