Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification​


Animals love Reiki! Help them with your Reiki hands!

Do you love animals? Do you want to help them heal and feel better?

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In this Animal Reiki Practitioner certification course, you will:

This Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification includes:

A 2-Module Manual With Over 60 Pages

Available as a direct download immediately when you purchase this course.

Activities To Enhance Your Wellbeing

Be guided with different activities you can do to enhance your own wellbeing thus becoming a cleared Reiki channel for others.

Claudia's Guidance Throughout

Claudia will personally be available for support throughout your course.

Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate

Once completed all the requirements, you will receive your Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate.

Note: The focus of this course is on Reiki for Animals. To start this Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate, you will need to be already attuned or willing to be attuned to Reiki 1.

To receive the Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate, you will need to be a Reiki Practitioner (level 2), as this course delves into Distance Reiki and it is a Practitioner Course.

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Reiki is a safe and relaxed energy healing technique that can be used in pets domesticated or wild animals many animals, for a range of physical and emotional issues, complementing veterinary care.

Animal Reiki Practitioners are a valuable presence to help animals with behavioural issues, during injury or surgery recovery, thunderstorms, before travelling, and much more!

For overall wellbeing, Reiki can be done to enhance your pet’s emotional state, or to deepen the relationship between the animals and their owners. Reiki is a great spiritual tool to help animals cross the Rainbow Bridge.

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