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Yes! You may have been searching for so long to connect with your Spirit… NOW is the time. You know it’s YOUR time to start your journey, to start something new, to, finally, connect with your Spirit. Trust the magic of new beginnings, trust yourself and your inner knowing. You are ready to step into this new beginning.

Searching for the real meaning in life and knowing that ‘there is something else out there’ is a common feeling among many of us in this moment of the planet. Mother Earth is raising its vibration and we no longer wish to remain stuck in old thought patterns and old ways of living. Time and space are changing, so are we!

Do you feel there’s something missing?

I always felt there was something more about life, but I couldn’t describe or ‘get’ it. It was a feeling deep inside me, very strong, resonating in my heart and pushing me to look for ‘more’, to look further away and at the same time, inside myself.

After many years of studying, learning, searching and asking I had an ‘Aha’ moment. Finally! Yes! It was my spirit/Higher Self, that I was looking for! I was longing to connect with it, to dive deep into its Wisdom, Love and Guidance. I’ve got it! That “Aha” moment was not the end of my search but a new beginning.

New questions arose. How do I connect with my spirit? How can I listen to it? Can my spirit give me the answers I’m looking for? All the answers to these questions are YES if I learn to connect, listen and understand my spirit’s messages. Beginning with YES!

How can YOU connect with your Spirit/Higher Self

What did I do to connect with my spirit, my soul, my Higher Self? I’d like to share simple but powerful first steps so you can too, begin your Journey:

1. Meditate: sit quietly, breathe deeply and focus on this breathing in and out. Let your thoughts come (they will come!), just stay focused on your breath; do not pay attention to your thoughts and do not ‘fight’ them. Slowly and

with time, they will ‘disappear’. The energy charge you unconsciously put on them will gently become less and less stronger.

2. Call upon the Power of Light, Great Spirit, God, the Universe (use the word that feels most comfortable for you) whenever you find yourself in a stressing situation, when you need guidance or help with a decision. See yourself bathing in this Light, inside and outside. Take a deep breath and bring this Light into your heart. Make this a conscious daily practice!

3. Start trusting your intuition. Your spirit speaks to you through those gut feelings that many times we tend to ignore. Trust. Follow your inner guidance. Al least try J and see what happens!

4. Learn to love yourself more. Be grateful for what you have, instead of focusing on what you want or need. Gratitude opens your heart, makes your spirit smile and… brings more good things into your life! Do what makes you feel happy! Your spirit will be happy, too!

5. Begin paying attention to your surroundings: the plants, the animals, the clouds, the wind, the sea and the mountains. Connect with Life on the physical plane. And open to the Unseen. Become a Pillar of Light. In this ‘intersection’ of Earthly and Heavenly energies, your spirit will flourish!

To finish… or to start?

NOW, as I said at the beginning, it’s YOUR time! Let Courage in! You don’t have courage when you’ve got all the answers. Courage is in you when you are ready to bring to the light all those questions you have been avoiding during this time! Are you ready? Or maybe… you already started your journey! I would love to hear your experience!

I’m always here to hold your hand and help you out:

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