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Do you know that you can contact and talk to your angels? You don’t need to be a highly spiritually developed person, a psychic or even have special gifts! Your willingness to open your heart to the Angels is the first step.

Angels are pure spiritual beings, illuminated energies of Love, Celestial messengers and Divine protectors and guides.

There is a very special angel surrounding you at this very moment. This angel has been by your side since you were born, or even before! It’s your Guardian Angel, who knows you as no one else knows you. Your Guardian Angel’s mission is to look over you, to guide and protect you. But your Angel can’t do anything without your permission.

To connect with your Angel is very simple: ASK. Ask your Guardian Angel to open that special space in your heart and the time in your daily life, to start connecting, listening and receiving.

You can contact your angels at any time, and you don’t need to be formal or too serious! Angels love fun, relaxed connections! Whenever you feel that something is bothering or worrying you, you are upset, sad, hurt or stressed, call upon your angel for help. Your Guardian Angel will immediately surround you with its Celestial calming energies and you will feel a shift instantly.

Yes, all this is easy to say, and you may be wondering ‘how can I do that?’. As I said before, we all can connect with our angels if we wish! I did it. I know lots of people who do connect and talk to their angels daily. Maybe you know lots of people that connect with their angels…YOU can do it, too!

I would like to offer you some basic steps to start connecting with your Guardian Angels if you haven’t done so. Try them! Relax! Have fun! Imagine you are playing a Divine Game in which you and your Angel are the winners!

1. Light a candle or incense, play soft music, put some flowers in a vase and place something in front of you that relates to angels. Your Guardian angel is not a figurine, but as human beings, ‘seeing’ a 3D angel can help us vibrate in a higher energy, necessary for this first connection. Or you may like to place a feather in your sacred space…

2. Set the intention of connecting with your Guardian Angel.

3. Sit down very comfortably and take 3 deep slow breaths. You can close your eyes if you wish.

4. Open the dialogue with your Guardian Angel as you do when greeting a friend. Greet your Angel, introduce yourself and tell her/him why you are there.

5. Wait a few moments. Feel your heart. Be aware of any changes in your energetic field. You may feel warm, twinkly, and even itchy! Stay still. Your breath is the open-line to your angels, so breathe slowly and naturally.

6. Now you are ready to ask your Guardian Angel, as you can as your most trusted friend, what you need. You can say it aloud or in your mind. Angels pick up the energies so your message will be received even if you only think about it.

7. Stay for a little while and be aware of your thoughts in this moment. You may get an instant message from your Guardian Angel. Only messages of Love, hope and reassurance come from the Celestial world! Trust. Angelic messages come in a form of a feeling, thoughts, a scene or image, words and even songs! It’s not your imagination! TRUST.

8. Close the conversation by asking your Guardian Angel to stay by your side, to send you clear messages to guide you to achieve what you desire.

9. Next, thank your Guardian Angel for the help she/he is going to give to you. Accept it in your heart.

10. Blow out your candle and continue your daily activities with the feeling that you already received what you asked for.

If you love angels or you are keen to start connecting with the Celestial Messengers, please join me on the International Angel Day celebrations! This year the Celebration will be on Saturday 7th September @ Purple Angel Healing Centre Click here for details Or book an Angel Oracle Card reading

Claudia Boymouchakian is an Angel Intuitive® trained by Doreen Virtue, psychic reader (cards and coffee cups), Angel Channeller, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Sound Healing Therapist, Intuitive Counsellor, Educational Psychologist,Reiki/Crystal Master, Shamanic healer and Teacher. She connects with her clients from her Purple Angel Healing Centre, located in Riverwood, NSW.

Claudia works from her Heart centre to bring her client’s subconscious to the Light for healing, clearing and transformation.

Through a unique blend of energy, shamanic, angelic, sound healing, psychic and other techniques (as well as practical action steps!) Claudia helps her clients to re-connect with their true Divinity and potential, boost their self-confidence, draw clear boundaries and heal spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Claudia’s clients also learn effective techniques for protecting their sensitive energy field, making empowered decisions and opening to Love, Abundance, Health and all the good things in Life! TRANSFORM! You are going to feel a life-changing move… from breakdown to breakthrough!

Claudia can help and show you how to do all this. You only need to be willing to step into your power and TRANSFORM yourself! For more details, please email, or ring Claudia on 0413 202 589.

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