Coffee Cup Readings

Cup-reading is conducted in a warm, comforting, supportive and also social environment

I interpret visual symbols within coffee grounds to pass on messages that you need to know.

In Armenia, Lebanon, Greece, and other nations of the Middle East, where coffee drinking is traditional, readers are trained to read coffee grounds. I am able to interpret visual symbols that are found within the client’s cup of coffee grounds, and pass on messages that the client needs to know.

At the beginning it was a game for me, but later on I noticed I connected very well with Spirit and I was surprised of the accurate messages I received and how my psychic abilities were increasing as I started reading coffee cups for family and friends. Now I do it professionally, and love sharing this gift.

Currently, I do my readings at Purple Angel Healing Centre, or I am invited to gatherings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, parties and events to perform my readings while entertaining and astonishing the guests! As a present for my clients, I give them the beautiful cup where they enjoyed the coffee to take home! (arranged previously and only for reading parties).