Calendar of Events 2022

Welcome to Purple Angel Healing Centre EVENTS page! 

Here you will find our monthly group activities and classes. You are invited to come, join and transform your Life!

November 2022



Reiki I: The Awakening

Start  your Reiki journey!

Learn the art of hands on healing. Become a channel of healing energy!

You will receive your Reiki attunement in person and you will be able to give Reiki to yourself, your loved ones and friends. Connect with this amazing Universal Healing Energy and be surprised how your life Changes! 

December 2022



Reiki II: The Transformation

Become a Reiki Practitioner!

In Reiki II you will receive a second attunement that will prepare you to strengthen your ability to work at a higher vibrational level. After the attunement you will be able to do deeper healing, affecting the emotions and the mind as well as the physical body, as well as send distant Reiki to others, the planet and animals.

Some Past Events 2022



Experience Yerba Maté Tribe Circle



Shamanic Reiki

This insightful course takes Shamanism and Reiki and combines them, for you to enjoy and integrate their wisdom!

In this class you will discover that Reiki is a form of Shamanism and you will learn different processes and ancestral shamanic techniques to add to your Reiki healing practice.

Take your Reiki skills and add powerful shamanic skills and tools.  You will learn how to combine Reiki with Shamanism in a practical way! Crystals, Aromatherapy, flower essences, healing sounds, plants… all integrated in a holistic way that can bring a deeper healing when combined with Reiki.

Receive a beautiful “Shaman bundle” that I prepare exclusively for this class, with tools to start practicing and enjoying Shamanic Reiki. 

Inclusions: Shamanic bundle, class notes, printed Certificate and refreshments. 

Saturday 10th Sept 10am-2:30pm. Investment: $350.  

Small group. Pre-registration only. 

Book before 10th August and receive a surprise gift!



Reiki III: Master / Teacher Training

Take the leap and jump into the last level of Reiki training, and become a Reiki Master/Teacher!

This doesn’t mean that you have to teach Reiki, but this level brings a deeper space for energy healing, for yourself and for others! And, if you wish to teach Reiki, you will receive ALL what you need to start teaching! Of course, you will practice attument ceremonies and learn how to deliver the best possible Reiki class!



Spring Equinox Ceremony
Sound Healing, Shamanic Circle and sacred Cacao immersion

We are going to celebrate the start of a new season in a Shamanic Way!  Let’s gather in Sacred Circle, and Ceremony 

We’ll begin this Spring Equinox Ceremony with a gratitude offering from the heart, opening space to bring Balance into our lives (that what Equinox is! About balance… between dark and light!), we will drink a ceremonial grade cacao elixir prepared by Claudia and journey to open our hearts to connect deeper within, in a safe and sacred Shamanic Circle. Yes! There will be Shamanic Drumming and Healing Sounds! In Ceremony, you will Journey and Dream to create the Life you dream of! 

Cacao plant medicine will be embraced by vibrational sound waves of Claudia’s therapeutic singing bowls and Medicine Drum to create positive shifts in your mind, body and spirit. 

It’s time to DREAM! It’s time to BLOSSOM! I will show you how during this gathering! 

Join a wonderful community of soul-like people and allow yourself to be surrounded by Munay (Unconditonal/Divine Love, in Quechua, the language of the Andes)

Wednesday 21st Sept, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Investment: $45 pp.

Bring a friend and you both will receive a beautiful gift! 
Limited space. Pre-registration only.

Contact Claudia to reserve your place or call 0413 202 589

October 2022



        Shamanic Practices and Healing

         Shamanic Practitioner Certificate

You are invited on a transformational  Sacred Journey to discover your Inner Shaman and learn powerful processes to connect, heal and become One with All That Is!

Starting on October 3rd with Ceremony, Rituals, Pachacuti Mesa Altar and Cacao ritual! There are two modalities now! Intensive (October via Zoom and one weekend in person) and  a a 9-month course,  meeting once a month. Create your own Medicine Drum, Healing Rattle and many more shamanic healing tools! 

Upon completion, you will receive an accredited  Shamanic Practices and Healing – Shamanic Practitioner Certificate that will allow you to service and work as a Shamanic Practitioner. This Certificate is IICT (Institute of Complementary Therapies) recognised and if you wish to be of Service, you can choose to have insurance through IICT at discounted price.

Visit the course page for all the information and bonuses!

 Book your place

If you have any questions or you’d like to have a chat before enrolling in this class, call Claudia on 0413 202 589