Angelic Therapy
Connecting with the Angels Level 1

Do you ever think about the angels?  Do you wonder if you can communicate with the angelic realm?

Connecting with the Angels is a real possibility for every one of us. The Angels wish to connect with more and more amongst us. 

So, let us open our hearts to let them in!

During this angelic workshop you will: 

  • Connect with your Angels and start/continue your healing journey
  • Tap into your Inner Power and Trust to receive and clearly understand Angelic Guidance for yourself and others
  • Receive an Angel Oracle card set
  • Start your automatic writing journey with your Guardian Angel
  • Learn to use Angel oracle cards to receive and pass on angelic messages using your psychic abilities and/or your intuition!
  • Learn about grounding, clearing, cutting cords and protecting yourself and your home; channel angel healing energy, discover your angel’s name, connect and work with the angels!
  • Develop your intuition, learn to read Angels signs, develop and enhance your spiritual connection and talk to your Angels.
  • Have the chance to WIN an Angel book!

Come and join Claudia Boymouchakian, Angel Intuitive ® trained by Doreen Virtue, in this


Saturday 19th June 2021 – 4pm-6pm (Just after the Sacred Cacao Ceremony! Come along for two amazing sessions)

@ Purple Angel Healing Centre – Riverwood

This workshop delves deep into different ways to connect with the Angels and there will be a variety of easy and fun exercises to practice your intuition and enhance your psychic abilities during the evening.

Invite your angels into your Life and these Celestial helpers will deliver the best for you to transform your life and make your dreams come true while giving you loving Guidance and Healing energy!

Get ready to help yourself and others with the assistance of the Angels!
Investment: $222 includes an Angel Oracle Card set, refreshments, notes and a Certificate!

PLUS: enter in a draw to win the sweetest hardcover Angel book ever, by Sandra Kuck! (valued $22) The book has lots of angel messages, exquisite flowers, photos and uplifting quotes that will delight you!

Strictly limited places as we’ll be hands-on-Angels practising under Claudia’s help and guidance.

Love, Joy, Peace and many Angels your way!